Friday, 12 February 2021

Dungeon Poem Challenge: Ice Troll Moon Abbey

Patrick Stuart issued a Dungeon Poem Challenge this week, and how could I not participate? I've been fascinated by the idea of dungeon-key-as-poetry in the past, as well as the idea of reusing a simple dungeon map.

My dungeon poem is:

Ice Troll Moon Abbey

Click the title above for a PDF version. 

I rotated the map and arranged everything into one page, just like the excellent entry from Coins & Scrolls. I am hoping to use this dungeon for a game with a group of friends who have only played a couple times before. They're not much for combat, and much more for social interactions and looking at weird stuff. So hopefully a giant talking panther and some moon iconography is weird enough for them. 

I am greatly looking forward to reading all the other Dungeon Poems. I haven't looked at any of them except for the Coins & Scrolls one, since I wanted to have the map be fresh and unspoiled in my mind. I might come edit this post linking to my favourites. 

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