Sunday, 28 March 2021

Play Report: the Cherry Crypts


I was able to run my regular group through my new dungeon The Cherry Crypts over the past few weeks. It took them four sessions to go through most of the dungeon, and they decided to leave after losing a party member to a tough fight. We will now return to our regular campaign, hopefully with some fond memories for the group, and some lessons learned for me. 

Evil flying cherry skull. Best pic I could find. 


Cribbage: halfling wizard obsessed with sketching maps. 

Briar: pixie druid who loves to fly around. 

Bozzy: frog-man ranger with a purple slime companion

Jim: big half-ogre barbarian (only joined for Sessions 2 & 3)

Kez: goblin warlock fond of hiding from all danger

Session 1

  • The party entered the Cherry Crypts through room 15 ROYAL CRYPT, fought the King & Queen skeletons. Nobody succumbed to the poison herbs, but the goblin warlock’s familiar got clawed to death. 
  • They went south and examined 16, 17, 18 CRYPTS and avoided the beetle swarm. The frog sent his slime familiar into 17 CAPTAIN CRYPT and it got enraged by the mood spell, but they enticed it out with some illusory metal (the slime likes to eat metal). 
  • They headed west and started listening at some doors. Behind the door to 20 RUINED BREAK-ROOM they could hear three cherry pitlings fighting over something. The goblin cast Tongues and translated their strange language for everyone else. They were fighting over something they called their ‘shiny’ and talked about their dead dad (i.e. the wizard whose corpse is in 12 WIZARD PARLOUR). 

Friday, 19 March 2021

Seasons of Penrod: Four One-Page Dungeons

Given its continental temperate climatography, the Principality of Penrod enjoys four robust seasons. The year begins with an icy winter, with loads of snow and the birth of early goat kids. Next is spring, when flowers bloom and the flax is planted. Then comes summer, when noble families visit their lodges on pristine alpine lakeshores and the common folk are busy mowing hay. At last is autumn when folks harvest peas, honey, grapes and acorns. Thus the world turns around the sun and the gods smile upon those who labour under her light. 

But there are others who do not labour under the sun. They do not slaughter hogs in the winter, nor do they plant onions in the spring, shear sheep in the summer, nor take stock to market in the autumn. These people are noble-born, and thus free from a life of hard work and feudalism. 

You are one of these nobles. You have a gaggle of noble-born cousins with whom you hang out. Your shared Grandmother is the Countess of your little county. And while you don't have to labour in a field, you have labours of another kind. 

Roughly once each season, Grandmother gathers you in her parlour and bequeaths unto you a quest. You line up at the cupboard and grab your swords, spellbooks, and extremely fancy expensive leather walking boots, and head into the hinterlands on whatever dangerous adventure Grandmother sets you to. 

Behold, Four Seasonally-Themed Dungeons

Each one fitting on a single page. 

Winter - The Ice Tower of Evil Sorcerer Hank

Winter - Ice Tower of Evil Sorcerer Hank