Tuesday, 11 February 2020

d6 Strange Plants Documented in the Botanical Textbook You Found in this Wizard's Greenhouse

You've sneaked into this Wizard's Greenhouse while he's taking his post-tea nap in the main manor. Cracked green glass refracts strange sunlight onto the yellow vellum paper of the botanical textbook on the workbench. You heft the tome up and flip through the pages. What strange plants are documented here? Could you find samples in this greenhouse? You better hurry before the Wizard awakens.

  1. Asp Ash — A whorly tree, whose wood can be crafted into thin spears that morph into venomous snakes upon being thrown. 
  2. Western Hemlock Vine — A thin evergreen vine with draping soft needles, which, if eaten, provide the illusion of death, but in actuality merely draws the consumer into a near-death coma that lasts 3d12 hours, during which they do not need to eat food. 
  3. Flaxumvaccsum — A rare cross-breed between flax wheat and cranberry that produces a thick linseed-esque oil which is rubbed on furniture only during winter holidays. 
  4. Orcid — The beautiful black flowers cultivated by Orcish botanists that bloom only under a red moon and are a symbol of peace amongst warring nations
  5. Pepper Pea — These greasy green pods excrete bulbous wrinkled peas upon being squeezed, which, if eaten, taste pleasantly spicy and grant strange spicy breath to the consumer for about an hour; anyone who breathes in this oral aroma at very close distance will begin to cry red tears.  
  6. Moonbeam Mint —A delicate leafy herb that when chewed and held in the mouth, grants invisibility to all held and worn objects, rendering its chewer nude until spat out or swallowed.