Saturday, 19 September 2020

Parson: GLOG Class

This is my attempt at a Cleric-type class. 

A Parson can fight, just like most classes in most GLOG hacks. The Parson has religious magic available to them. The Parson can be a powerhouse against undead, demons, or other unholy creatures. They fill a niche while still remaining generally skilled. 

I didn't want to rely exclusively on the Magic Dice mechanic for the abilities. I love spells but for my Cleric-type I wanted the feeling of miracles and prayers to come through, rather than spells like a wizard casts. I wrote this class for the fantasy medieval-esque GLOG hack I'm working on, which is heavily derived from Moonhop/Into the Odd, so the mechanics are geared towards ItO-style combat. This class is also aligned for a heavily dungeon-based campaign. An ability like Purify can be very valuable when managing food/water resources are an integral part of the game. Same for the Light ability, which is basically a free torch every day. Those kinds of things can be important in the dungeon, but totally limp when you're in civilization or a high-fantasy adventure campaign. 

A Parson worships the Lady of Light, or any other generic good-aligned deity. The Lady of Light loves life, light, family, nature, and appropriately-timed death. She is opposed to the Duke of Darkness, who loves darkness, solitude, machines, blood, and undeath. A Parson knows that the Lady of Light has many goals and desires, so no Parson feels obligated to follow some strict dogma set out by an organized church. Sure, some follow very clear scriptures and head out on adventures that explicitly further goals of their church. But many others have similar motivations as any adventurer—find treasure, get rich, seek glory. They just also like to think of their dungeon delves as bringing a little bit of light to the darkest places. And if they find a goblin cult worshipping the Duke of Darkness? Great! Time to squash some heretics. 

Class: Parson

You are a priest of the Lady of Light. You don’t necessarily need to follow the doctrines of a specific Church, but people recognize you as a holy figure. You love life, nature, light, family, and friends. 

Starting Equipment: Gambeson cloth armour, Hammer (d6 damage), Censer.
Starting Skill: Dogma, Literature, Medicine. 

You gain +1 HP for every two Parson templates you possess. 

A: Ordained, Light, Turn
B: Heal
C: Purify, Command
D: Greater Heal

Ordained. You can perform weddings, conduct funeral rites, bless holy water, give sermons, and other clerical duties.

Turn. Present your hammer or censer: all undead, demonic, or otherwise unholy creatures within 30’ of you are burned by holy light for 1 damage and repelled. After 1 round, you must save CHA to continue repelling them each round. You can Turn as many times per day as you have Parson templates.

Light. Once per day, your censer or hammer are blessed and shed light like a torch (Ud6). 

Heal. You or anyone in your party may touch an ally and roll 1d8, healing that many HP (or 1 point of STR). If the die shows 1-3 it can be used again later. If it shows 4-6 it cannot be used again until the next sunrise. If it shows 7-8, the prayer fizzles and has no effect, but may be cast again later.

Purify. Once per day, you touch spoiled, rotten, poisoned, or stagnant food and/or water, purifying enough to feed and water as many creatures as you have Parson templates. 

Command. Twice per day, you may shout a one-word command at a hearing person within 50’, who is compelled to obey. After 1 round they save CHA to resist on each of their turns.

Greater Heal. You gain a second d8 to be used for Heal. You may use both at once, but another member of your party casting Heal may only use one at a time. 

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