Friday, 11 September 2020

d12 Original Magic Items

The Horn of Diminishing Plasma

  1. Emperor's Topaz. When this fist-sized topaz gemstone is held it enchants all the holders' clothes and other held items to be invisible and immaterial. When the gem is let go all reappears. 
  2. Elephant Paperweight. Sextuples the weight of any object upon which it is placed. 
  3. War Banner. This finely wrought cloth has an embroidery depicting mounted men defeating a stone troll. Whatever this banner is draped over turns to stone. When the banner is removed, all returns to normal. 
  4. Window Shield. A square window with four panes which is worn like a shield. Once per day it can swallow an incoming missile attack, like an arrow or cannonball. Additionally, once per day the window can be placed against a wall or other solid surface, where it will meld into and create a real window. This window can be looked through, and opened to crawl through. When the window is first placed, any swallowed missile weapons will fire back out, straight into the one who places it, with no chance to dodge or block.
  5. Beef Scented Knock-Out Candle. Within one minute of lighting, this candle gives off a strong smell of cooking beef. Anyone breathing within 5 feet of the candle is knocked out for one hour. 
  6. Immovable Flute. When you play any note on this thin metal flute, the flute becomes fixed in place. Until someone blows into the flute again, it doesn't move, even if it is defying gravity. The flute can hold up to 8,000 pounds of weight. More weight causes it to deactivate and fall. 
  7. Levitation Staff. When this black ash staff is held in two hands, the wielder can command it with their mind to levitate straight upwards. The staff cannot levitate downwards, and you have to hold on really tightly or else you'll fall off.
  8. Person-Dog Hat. When you put this hat onto a dog it turns into a person. They cannot speak, but do know how to operate their human body (e.g. they can walk properly and manipulate objects). They have their same personality as before. 
  9. Sunflower Oil. This sealed glass bottle is mostly full—half with thick yellow oil and half with water. When allowed to sit undisturbed for a few minutes, the oil and water fully separated, and the oil glows like a torch. When the bottle is touched or moved, the oil and water begin to mix and the light goes out. If the bottle is opened the oil goes rancid and stops working. 
  10. Horn of Diminishing Plasma. All who hear this horn blown lose a dose of plasma from their blood. Dehydration, dizziness, and fainting can occur. 
  11. Runic Riprap. Throw this handful of engraved gravel and it enlarges into a pile of jagged boulders that take up 30 cubic feet. They fill the shape of the container they're tossed into—a pit, corridor, room, etc. One use only. 
  12. Glass Flowers. A dozen blown-glass flowers in a little porcelain vase. Crack one flower in your hand and the scent of you and all your companions (plus anything you carry) disappears for 24 hours. This destroys the flower. 

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  1. Great items! I especially enjoyed the glass flowers.