Friday, 6 August 2021

Free the Demon Slaves: 2021 One Page Dungeon ContestEntry

For this year's One Page Dungeon Contest I collaborated with the excellent Horos from Horoscope Zine. He drew the map and we wrote the content together. 

Horos does a lot of cool art, adventures, and small game systems, so definitely check out his stuff! He has products on itch in both English and Portuguese. 

Link to the PDF for Free the Demon Slaves!

Free the Demon Slaves! Link to PDF above.


  1. I like Horus' map!

    My own OPDC entry took significant inspiration from your Slime Baroness process posts.

    Anyhow,I love your dungeon. Good luck in the contest!

    1. Thanks so much!! I really liked your map too. I wish I could draw like you and Horos. Need to practice!

  2. I've requested access since at the moment I don't have permission.