Saturday, 1 August 2020

RPGaDAY2020 - Dungeon Map Key

    For RPGaDAY2020—my first foray into this challenge—I am keeping it simple and just keying this beautiful dungeon map using each prompt as my prompt for the room. I will simply keep editing this post with new entries throughout the month. 

    For keying dungeons, I like to use this little table which I stole from the Two Week Megadungeon post over on 

    1-10: Empty
    11-13: Creatures
    14-16: Creatures with Treasure
    17: Trap
    18: Trap with Treasure
    19: Something Weird
    20: Unguarded Treasure

    "Empty" doesn't mean empty of course—it means steal something from Courtney Campbell's On Tricks, Empty Rooms, and Basic Trap Design which is worth ten times what I paid for the PDF. 

    Dungeon Key

    1. Beginning. A twenty-foot wide wattle portcullis made from living woven maple saplings. Damaging the saplings causes them to sprout new rapidly-growing branches to fill the gaps, squirting thick sap from the wounds. 
    2. Change. Wide corridor with a kink in the middle. Walls are covered in flowering vines: smelling different coloured flowers causes skin to change to the colour of the flower, plus increase a random ability by 2, and decrease a random ability by 2. This lasts for one hour; only one flower effect can be active at a time. Once the random abilities are rolled for a certain colour, all subsequent sniffs produce the same pair. At the far end is a thick curtain of hanging flowering vines, hiding a stuck wooden door
    3. Thread. Vestibule with large spools of ancient thread fixed to the West wall. East wall has some collapsed rubble: one spool of green thread leads from a spool into the collapsed rubble (probably someone was marking their trail with it and the passage collapsed behind them). Open archway to the South. 
    4. Vision. Octagonal room with mirrored doors to the East and West. They will only open if no living thing is reflected within them, and no living thing observes the reflection. 
    5. Tribute. The ceiling is supported by two black stone pillars in the centre of the room. In the south there is a black stone altar, depicting a two-headed god (Cow & Bull) with its hands carved into the shape of an alms bowl. To the West there is an iron door locked with a rusty keyhole. 
    6. Forest. This natural cavern holds a dozen full-grown big-leaf maple trees. Despite the darkness, they are thriving and appear to be in full leaf as if it were mid-summer. A rough-hewn passageway leads to the North. 
    7. Couple. Two large maple logs have been buried in narrow pits so the logs stick straight up like telegraph poles—each log has a face carved into. The faces are kissing at each other. 
    8. Shade. This room has been enchanted with magical Darkness. It smells like oil and there are faint jingling sounds from the ceiling. The doorway to the East is rimmed with razor wire, so that people feeling their way along will get cut. There are delicate copper chains hanging from the ceiling—worth about 100gp total if removed. 
    9. Light
    10. Want
    11. Stack
    12. Message
    13. Rest
    14. Banner
    15. Frame
    16. Dramatic
    17. Comfort   
    18. Meet
    19. Tower
    20. Investigate    
    21. Push    
    22. Rare
    23. Edge
    24. Humour
    25. Lever
    26. Strange
    27. Favour
    28. Close
    29. Ride
    30. Portal
    31. Experience

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