Friday, 3 July 2020

Three Dungeon Lions

  1. TOMB GUARDIAN LIONS — Two red sandstone lion statues flank the entrance of an ancient tomb. When the sarcophagus inside is disturbed, an ancient hologram of Emperor Ekaf Enam crackles to life—a tall muscled man, barefoot, wearing a loose toga, a tall copper crown atop his head. He commands the statues alive and they spring towards you. 
  2. GRASS LION — A green lion lies sleeping in an open doorway. The blades of grass that make up its mane blow gently back and forth in time with its snores. Beyond its hulking mass you can see the treasure you have been seeking. 
  3. TEMPLE LION — High in the mountains there is a stone temple with low walls. In the antechamber there is an ancient mountain lion, packed in snow and salt in an alcove before the gate. It has been preserved, waiting for somebody to attempt to open the temple doors. 

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