Monday, 30 December 2019

Celene the Cephalophore

Celene the Cephalophore is a Black Saint, worshipped and feared. She is headless. Celene has a dozen men who pray to her. They have had their eyes plucked out and replaced with smooth stones from the Black River. They pray to Saint Celene and do her bidding. She carries her head in a basket beneath her cloak, and uses it to cast spells.

You encounter Celene... (d4)
  1. In her wicker fortress. A tall building, like a castle made of square blocks, woven from dried rattan. It shudders in the wind and allows easy eavesdropping through all walls. There are wicker ladders leading between strange split levels, and if you are too heavy you might fall through the floor. 
  2. On opposite sides of a river. Maybe it is fording site, or some place where the undergrowth of the banks recedes a bit. She is seated on a black horse, with some stone-eyed men digging a trench or hewing logs. Her headless torso turns to face you. 
  3. At a crossroads in the rain. She is being carried in a palanquin by six stone-eyed men. Mud has splashed up their black clothes, and wet blood clots have seeped out from behind the river stones in their eye sockets. Herb-scented smoke puffs from a chimney on the palanquin roof. 
  4. Meditating beneath a hanged corpse. Oily black ropes are tied to a thick oak bough. Some men are in the tree, keeping watch. Others surround Celene on the ground, standing guard. She is in a good mood and will use this body for magic. 

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